Mixing personal and political, part memoir and part travelogue, Firefly Memories is meant to give voice to the usually voiceless—people of colour, women, children, migrants, immigrants, prisoners, and refugees. Most of all, this book is meant for all those who are looking to belong, and, ultimately, searching for a place they can call home.

“Firefly Memories is about poetry with a camera lens wandering past ‘flurries of black ice’ and ‘snow calibrating on a window sill like a chemistry experiment’ . . . The unquestioned quality of her poetry is interspersed with snapshots of people she encounters. The hurt about being told to go back to her country stays like an undercurrent to the collection.”

— Keki N. Daruwalla

“This collection offers a kaleidoscopic view of images and metaphors, giving the reader a
dazzling, unforgettable glimpse into the poet’s memories reborn as perfect artefacts.”

— Dr. A. J. Thomas

“These are poems which chart the way we can feel—in Seamus Heaney’s words—‘lost, unhappy and at home’ all at once in the world. Dislocation, integration and the strangeness of family life are brought to the fore, often with dark humour.”

— Dr. Helen Mort