Recent Publications


Hindustan Times (March 26th, 2019)

2018 Best Indian Poetry series, RLFPA Editions, in print (December 2018)

Southword Journal (May 2018)

The American Journal of Poetry (January 2018)

Aerogram (September 2017)

Indian Literature (August 2017)

The Matador Review (July 2017)

So to Speak (March 2017)

Silver Birch Press (October 2016)

The Lake (September 2016)

Coldnoon: Travel Poetics (April 2016)

Kitaab (June 2015)

Silver Birch Press (April 2015)

Pyrta Journal (October 2010)

Short Stories, Essays, and Reviews

Writing Matters, Kitaab (January 2019)

Real City Blues, Zoetic Press (November 2018)

From Kolkata to Kut, Away from the Western Front (November 2018)

Review of New Delhi Love Songs, Coldnoon (July 2018)

The Tree of Death and The Field of Forgiveness, Rambutan Literary Journal (March 2018)

The Couple, Rigorous Magazine (January 2018)

You Will be Saved, Lunch Ticket (December 2017)

Sogni D’Oro,The Sigh Press Journal (October 2017)

The Writerly Life, BusinessWorld (October 2017)

Review of Commonwealth, The Wire (March 2017)

Review of The Corpse That Spoke, The Wire India
(February 2017)

Bride and Prejudices, The Great Glass Elevator (July 2016)

Kaleidoscope, Out of Print (December 2015)

A Greek Getaway, Telegraph India (October 2015)

Nine Stones, The Four Quarters Magazine Page 39 (December 2012)

If on a Winter’s Night, The Times of India, Editorial (June 2009)